An entity that is not considered a god, but still as powerful as one.


L’Orage is an entity with the powers of a god, but is not considered one due to his absence in the world. He is usually seen in the form of the ghost of a human, a black wolf, or a giant crow. He is the patron of mischief, cunning, deceit, and vengeance. However, he frequently makes deals with those who still believe in his existence. The believers usually ask L’Orage for help in their time of need in the form of being resurrected upon death. For these deals, L’Orage takes and absorbs some of the believer’s knowledge and their experience to the next level. L’Orage is constantly watching everything that is going on in the world, and he is especially watchful to finding heroes to avenge him for his cruel end as a human.


L’Orage was born a human in a small village on The Pinnacle as a human. He had lived with a clan of mountaineers that knew the mountain range quite well and lived off of the mountain berries. Back in those days, The Infernal raged violently. Before The Gods imprisoned The Infernal, the order was carried out that every village should be destroyed (from The Infernal), and the village that L’Orage lived in was one of the first to go up in flames. That was the day that L’Orage was captured by the draconians, and when he was forced to become a slave to Content Not Found: the-infernal_. However, being a strong-willed adult, now,o L’Orage openly defied Content Not Found: the-infernal_ and tried to kill him in front of all of the draconic army. As is obvious, his efforts were in vain because he did not have The Colossus on his side. However, as cunning as L’Orage was, he predicted every one of Content Not Found: the-infernal_‘s moves and weakened him severely. In the end, Content Not Found: the-infernal bested L’Orage by roaring to the skies and breathing a jet of fire upon the entire area around itself. L’Orage, almost dead, now, was on the scorched ground, breathing heavily. Content Not Found: the-infernal_ saw his chance and roared, again, this time absorbing the very soul of L’Orage. After this, L’Orage would be bound to Content Not Found: the-infernal_ forever, as a servant and slave. Then, some time later, the Gods finally banished Content Not Found: the-infernal_ from the world, and part of Content Not Found: the-infernal_‘s soul went into L’Orage as he was being dragged out of the world, so L’Orage took a fraction of _Content Not Found: the-infernal‘s power and became a powerful entity. However, the power consumed his being, as he was merely a human, and his body exploded into dust, but his spirit lives on to what it is today. A massive storm rose up from the remains of L’Orage’s body, and formed Storm-Lit Ridge in Mythall, which is the final resting place of L’Orage’s body. In ancient texts, it is said that when Content Not Found: the-infernal rises back to Mythall and is defeated, then the devoured soul of L’Orage will return to him. However, a scroll hidden inside the Trektopolicz Abandoned Archives contains information that all of the souls that Content Not Found: the-infernal has devoured are corrupted and Content Not Found: the-infernal’s defeat will not restore Mythall to its original state.


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