The Oneiromancer

The master of dreams and the teller of the future.


The Oneiromancer is an ancient human that has lived in the land of Mythall since the first time that Content Not Found: the-infernal attacked. Being so old, he has seen everything and has devoted his life to divination. Due to his vast knowledge of the past, present, and future, The Oneiromancer is intensely powerful and can destroy anything that is a threat to him. He wields a unique weapon called The Staff of Dreams, which has the power to summon any incorporeal object into Mythall. It also has the ability to send any corporeal being into Mortem, otherwise known as the plane of dreams. He lives in seclusion on The Pinnacle, where he built his home near the remains of an ancient village that used to be full of mountaineers, and used to be the home of L’Orage when he was still human (This was also the village where The Oneiromancer grew up in). Some mountaineers have the privilege to communicate with him, as he is one of the most powerful humans in Mythall. There have been rumors circulating that The Oneiromancer requires assistance from a being with a strong mind…


The Oneiromancer was born (when the Mythall had formed) from two unknown parents and was left in a pile of ashes. The ashes were slowly choking the newborn child, but along the road came a wizard, who was chanting incantations as he was skulking about the road. One of these incantations triggered a bolt of fire to ignite the ashes in which the newborn Oneiromancer lay. The ashes almost burned the child, but the flames formed together into the solid figure of a phoenix. The mage then noticed this and came over to find the child, who was crying next to the phoenix. He took the child and brought it with him to the village that he lived in on The Pinnacle. There, he trained the child in the arcane arts. By the time The Oneiromancer was middle-aged, he had mastered magic to the point where he could actually duel with Content Not Found: zizzlehoff_ and live! However, this was not enough for him. One night, The Oneiromancer had gone to sleep and had found himself within a dream. In the dream, the vision of all the villages and cities in Mythall appeared before him. Then, all of this faded to an image of a massive dragon flying over what looked like Mt. Scarlet. Then, the image of a crow appeared before him and told him that a child would appear in his village that will stop the massive dragon that The Oneiromancer had seen. After waking up, The Oneiromancer called a meeting for the entire village to attend (as he was the village elder). He had told them of his dream, and asked if there were any new children. Of course, L’Orage was the child that the dream spoke of, and that night was when he was born. Thirty years later, the Oneiromancer is old and on the verge of death, and he knows that the dragon is coming. Because of his dreams, he knows of Content Not Found: the-infernal_‘s presence in Mythall and he knows that the dragons will want to take The Pinnacle for themselves and use it as a perch to scout out new area to take over. The next morning, one of the village’s scouts spotted at black silhouette on the horizon, flying directly towards the village. The Oneiromancer knew that he could not stop Content Not Found: the-infernal and his allies, so The Oneiromancer slowly walked back to his bed, and he collapsed on the bed. He shoveled through the contents of his room until he found a potion made by the mage who had raised him. The potion was an enhanced paralytic poison that separated the spirit from the body. And as the dragon scorched the village down, the Oneiromancer began to live in a dream. This dream was in the plane of Mortem, and The Oneiromancer stayed here until he conquered all of the mysteries of dreams in the place where they source. Then, he released his spirit back into the mortal plane of Mythall, into the days of Content Not Found: the-infernal‘s return. The Oneiromancer dwells on the summit of The Pinnacle, right where his village used to be. There are rumors that he speaks with L’Orage, himself. The Oneiromancer has been looking for someone to assist him ever since he returned to the mortal plane. The mountaineers say that he talks to people through their dreams, if he deems them worthy.

The Oneiromancer

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