Tower of Wizards

On the plea of a beggar in the bustling town of Creekside, the group set out down the river and docked at a tower of wizards, where they were to reclaim the beggar’s mother’s amulet. To gain entry, they fooled the guard into believing that they were wine sellers.
The hellhound guards in the wine cellar weren’t fooled, however. The Blades killed one and the other, beaten into submission, was tamed by Quarion. They continued up the tower, and on the next floor, Quarion interrupted the meal of a orc cleric. Battle erupted,and the foes were dispatched.
Next, the first of the head wizard’s sons, a fire mage, challenged the party. However, Lexor’s quick wit and silver tongue convinced the mage that they needed the head wizard’s signature to validate their wine sale, and they were allowed to continue.
A well placed bluff could not save them from the fearsome gelatinous cube that awaited them on the next floor, though. They barely achieved victory over its six faces and eight vertices of pure, unadulterated slime! Nor could they fool the storm mage on the floor above. Seeing that diplomacy was failing, Luxor gave him a taste of his icy breath. The mage was cornered, and slain.
At last came the battle with the tower’s master wizard. The group tried poisoning him, but it seemed ineffective. At last, Quarion, wielding a hand of magical force, threw the wizard off of the tower. The amulet was collected from his broken body.
However, when they returned to the beggar and he beckoned them into a dark alley, they began to feel something amiss. The beggar, with a manic grin, donned the amulet, and the flesh melted from his bones. The true foe was a Lich King, and they had just handed over his phylactery!


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